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User research that goes beyond design

In my days as a UX designer, I always had the struggle to prioritize features. My job was to research how our experience would impact our users and to create the most seamless product possible. But how to decide which ideas are the best for us?

A product manager or a stakeholder constantly has to make decisions concerning the roadmap:
    - Which feature to implement?
    - How will users perceive this evolution?
    - We only have the resources to push one idea... Which one should we choose?

Someone has to take a call, and often those decisions are made without clear insights to guide the roadmap.
I created the Kuma Model to help every creator save time and resources by providing clear and actionable data on the features you want to implement.

Adrien Gonin, Creator of Kulma Model

What kuma gives you

A clear overview of your options

Various indexes allow clear summary and quick comparison of your features.

The ideal roadmap generated

The algorithm crunches all the data to present your features in an optimal ladder of priority

Find new customer segments

Factor analysis is run to check if hidden groups of users are causing an unknown segmentation.
Uncover the perfect things to work on in your next 90 days

How it works

1- Getting to know each other

We talk about your situation, your goals and the business factors used by the study.

2- Get your calibrated survey

Tailored to your specific needs, we can also add custom questions to get more insights from your customers.

3- Send it to your users

You can also collect answers from interviews.

4- A UX designer will write a report

Time for the data crunching! We review the results and generate analysis containing useful, quantitative data about features and segments.

5- End of the mission, new insights

That's it! You have all you need to make a decision and build what's best for you and your users.

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Exploring a new vertical

How the Model can help you figure out what is important in your new ventures

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Roadmapping sub-features

Your company has figured out a product. Now you have to figure out what to build first

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Finding the core segment

How factor analysis provides insights on who are your best customers

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Test your ideas, get actionable data from your users and plan your next move.
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